Based on cognitive science, ORION gives students a personalised, adaptive learning experience that helps them to build proficiency on topics while using their study time effectively. The adaptive algorithm serves questions based on a student’s responses, for a tailored study experience. Reports and recommendations help students identify where they need further study and practice, to improve proficiency.

Plus, ORION delivers easy-to-use analytics so instructors can see exactly where students excel and where they need help. Diagnose struggling students early and intervene right from actionable reports.

Available with selected titles in WileyPLUS.


1 million


hours’ learning
* Since launch in Oct 2015

Proven to work

Efficacy Study

Recent US efficacy studies indicate that students who spend more time engaging with ORION adaptive learning achieve better outcomes than their peers who spend no time.

That is, in this study the use of ORION adaptive practice in conjunction with WileyPLUS resulted in students earning nearly one-third of a grade higher than when WileyPLUS was used without ORION adaptive practice.


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Case Study

ORION adaptive learning helps instructors to efficiently support a diverse cohort at the University of Newcastle.

‘With our number of students we need ways to direct them to assistance without having to highlight where to go for help based on individual topics. The [ORION] one-stop shop is useful,’ says Dr. Judith Weidenhofer, Instructor.

ORIONcase study

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“Our students who used ORION achieved their goal – whether that goal was to pass the course or to get an HD in the course. Those who used it regularly have done really well – some extremely well.”
Dr Karen Mate, Instructor, University of Newcastle
“ORION shows you who’s doing [the work], who’s not, and how much they’re doing. You can pick out which students you need to get in touch with and follow up.”
Laurine Hurley, Instructor, Australian Catholic University
“WileyPLUS with ORION is like a virtual teacher. I think it did help me improve my outcomes – I would definitely use it again.”
Taylor Pearson, Student, University of Newcastle

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