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Contemporary Issues in Accounting, 2nd Edition

Contemporary Issues in Accounting (Rankin et al.) is suited to a wide range of courses, particularly relevant to advanced financial accounting subjects at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. It considers a broad range of financial accounting issues facing contemporary businesses from a range of perspectives, including appropriate theories and research findings.

The 2nd edition examines the regulatory setting within which accounting operates from the context of the process of standard setting and the Conceptual Framework. Within this framework one of the most controversial areas of accounting — measurement — is examined in detail. Alternative measurement choices are considered, with intangibles and sustainability reporting being examined in more detail as they are areas with unique measurement challenges. With the increasing use of fair value measurement, we present a comprehensive analysis of this measurement basis, including its application in specific contexts.

Delivered as an interactive Wiley E-Text: Powered by VitalSource for a more engaging and active learning experience, this update edition is designed to equip students with the knowledge, concepts and application skills required to successfully enter the profession of accountancy.


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Wide Focus

Suited to a wide range of courses and particularly relevant to advanced financial accounting subjects at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Contemporary Issues

Considers a broad range of financial accounting issues facing contemporary businesses from a range of perspectives.

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Search, highlight and annotate

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12 Topics on Accounting Theory

  • Chapter 1. Contemporary issues in accounting and accounting theory
  • Chapter 2. The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting
  • Chapter 3. Standard setting
  • Chapter 4. Measurement
  • Chapter 5. Theories in accounting
  • Chapter 6. Products of the financial reporting process
  • Chapter 7. Corporate governance
  • Chapter 8. Capital market research and accounting
  • Chapter 9. Earnings management
  • Chapter 10. Fair value accounting
  • Chapter 11. Sustainability and environmental accounting
  • Chapter 12. International accounting

Team of Authors

Warren McKeownMichaela Rankin, PhD (RMIT), MEc (UNE), GradCertHE (Monash), BBus (Hons) (USQ), CPA, is Deputy Dean, International and Professor of Accounting at Monash Business School, Melbourne. Prior to joining Monash, Michaela held positions at both RMIT University and the University of Southern Queensland, where she was awarded the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia Award for Teaching Excellence in 1998. Michaela has extensive experience teaching financial accounting and accounting theory at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has a broad range of research interests including financial reporting and governance, executive compensation, the regulation and practice of sustainability reporting, carbon emissions disclosure, and accounting education. She has published widely in international journals including Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, British Accounting Review,Australian Journal of Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Accounting & Finance, Higher Education Research and Development and Australian Accounting Review.

Mike KerryPatricia Stanton has a PhD, awarded by University of Newcastle in 1995. She has an established record of publishing in referred journals since attaining her PhD, usually publishing at least one article per year. Her research interests include rights to financial information, impression management, heritage assets, and accounting cartoons. Patricia has an extensive record in teaching, specialising in both theory and accounting issues to which theory can be applied. She has served on the University’s and Faculty’s Teaching and Learning Committees.

marc-olynykSusan McGowan, BAcc (SAIT), MCom (UniSA), and GradCertEd(HigherEd) (QUT), is currently a senior lecturer in the School of Commerce at the University of South Australia. Her research interests focus on accounting education and international accounting.

Warren McKeownKimberly Ferlauto, BComAcctg (UWS), MComAcctg (UWS), CPA, is a lecturer in accounting at Western Sydney University. She has been teaching advanced accounting units including accounting theory for many years at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her focus when teaching is on understanding why we do what we do as accountants and the application of accounting theory, concepts and principles to current practice and real world events. Other teaching interests include auditing, financial accounting and reporting and academic communication. Kimberly’s main research interest is the issue of communication apprehension in the context of the learning and teaching environment. In particular, Kimberly is working toward developing strategies to improve both the learning experience and academic performance of accounting students who suffer from communication apprehension. Other research interests include accounting measurement and social and environmental accounting.

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