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Caring for Older People in Australia, 2nd Edition

From a combined team of academics and practicing clinicians, Johnson’s second edition of Caring for Older People is the most representative resource in the market, featuring a diverse range of ethnicities, genders and sexualities. The experiences of minority groups are featured throughout, and the chapter on sexuality in older people is the most comprehensive of any text in the field.
The only aged care resource to be delivered as an interactive Wiley E-Text, Johnson’s second edition is an engaging digital resource rich in media such as videos, animations and interactives that bring cases to life.

Johnson Caring for Older People in Australia 2e Cover

Designed for Learning

Positive Approach

Unlike some aged care resources, Johnson 2e takes a positive approach to caring for older people with a focus on promoting healthy and active ageing

Representative Content

The second edition is the most representative resource in the aged care discipline, featuring a variety of ethnicities, genders and sexualities

Revision Modules

‘Critical Thinking’ questions are embedded throughout the text, encouraging students to apply their learning in response to industry issues

Powerful Digital Capabilities

The game-changing Wiley E-Text brings course content to life and provides students with a rich and engaging active learning experience. See what’s possible when teaching with a Wiley E-Text.

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Wiley Interactive E-Text
Wiley Interactive E-Text
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Animated local cases ask students “what would you do?” in realistic scenarios, with branched narratives helping them understand the consequences of their actions in practice.

Critical thinking questions
Critical thinking questions

“Critical thinking” questions are embedded throughout the text, encouraging students to apply their learning in response to industry issues.

Search, highlight and annotate
Search, highlight and annotate

Students can search, highlight and annotate within the online textbook, and keep track of all their study notes in one place.

18 Topics

  • Chapter 1. Healthy ageing and the older person
  • Chapter 2. Understanding the ageing process
  • Chapter 3. Person-centred care: culture, diversity and spirituality
  • Chapter 4. Attitudes and communication: the older person, carers and families
  • Chapter 5. Nutrition, hydration and feeding: impact on the older person
  • Chapter 6. Pharmacology and complementary therapies
  • Chapter 7. Risk assessment of the older person
  • Chapter 8. Care of the older person in the emergency department
  • Chapter 9. Rehabilitation, co-morbidity and complex care
  • Chapter 10. Transition of settings: loss and grief
  • Chapter 11. Pain and the older person
  • Chapter 12. A palliative approach
  • Chapter 13. Promoting continence
  • Chapter 14. Depression in older people
  • Chapter 15. Dementia: understanding & responding to behaviours
  • Chapter 16. Sexuality
  • Chapter 17. Continuous improvement in aged care
  • Chapter 18. Bereavement care

Local Authors

amanda-johnsonAssociate Professor Amanda Johnson is State Head of School at the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine, Australian Catholic University, NSW. She has worked in the tertiary sector since 1992. Dr Johnson’s PhD thesis is in undergraduate palliative care education. She has been an active leader in the development of undergraduate curriculum in the areas of aged care, chronic illness and palliation. In 2011, Dr Johnson was the winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence award in Leadership for the IRONE project and in 2010 was Highly Commended in these awards for her teaching of chronic illness and palliation. Dr Johnson’s research over the last 12 years has been focused on aged care, dementia and palliation. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of older people through her teaching and research activities.

esther-changProfessor Esther Chang is Director for Higher Research Degree and Course Advisor for the Honours program in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Western Sydney. She has worked in academia since 1986, with three tertiary institutions. She has been a Head of School, Dean of the Faculty of Health, and Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury. Professor Chang is committed to aged, dementia and palliative care; has received many large grants to investigate nursing and health needs in older people; and has developed models of care for acutely ill elderly patients and clients with end-stage dementia. Professor Chang’s international links have generated collaborative research into aged care across several countries. This process has influenced her ideas and reflections on the approach that texts need to embrace for effective student learning.

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Students can purchase their interactive E-Text or print on demand textbook from Wiley Direct: Caring for Older People in Australia, 2nd Edition (Johnson et al.).

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