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Business Law, 4th Edition

The fourth edition of Business Law (James) builds on the success of its previous editions with improved coverage of contract and statutory law, problem-based learning modules and more accessible, easy-to-understand language.

Delivering an engaging learning experience for students, with author videos, animations and interactives embedded at the point of learning. The problem-based learning modules connect course concepts with real-world legal scenarios, requiring students to apply higher-order thinking skills to solve problems.

James Business Law 4e Cover

Designed for Learning

Embedded Rich Media

Video, animations and interactives embedded at the point of learning help students test their mastery of concepts and engage with the course content

Real-world Applications

Connects business law concepts with real-world legal scenarios, requiring students to apply higher-order thinking skills to solve problems

Accessible Content

Designed to align with a 12 or 13 week course, it delivers content in more concise, digestible chunks than previous editions, and explains legal terms in an accessible manner

Powerful Digital Capabilities

A full colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code brings business law to life and provides students with a rich and engaging active learning experience.

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Wiley Interactive E-Text
Wiley Interactive E-Text
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Video insights help students connect course content with real world examples.

Concept Check Questions
Concept Check Questions

End of chapter quizzes let students test their comprehension, with instant feedback providing guidance for further study.

Search, Highlight & Annotate
Search, Highlight & Annotate

Interactive textbook lets students search, highlight and take notes within the text for efficient study.

20 Business Law Topics

  • Chapter 1. Business and the law
  • Chapter 2. Law in Australia 1: The Australian legal system
  • Chapter 3. Law in Australia 2: Politicians and judges
  • Chapter 4. Legal skills: How to find, understand and use the law
  • Chapter 5. Tort law 1: Deliberate harm
  • Chapter 6. Tort law 2: Careless harm
  • Chapter 7. Contract law 1: Formation of the contract
  • Chapter 8. Contract law 2: Terms of the contract
  • Chapter 9. Contract law 3: Enforcement of the contract
  • Chapter 10. Contract law 4: Working with agents
  • Chapter 11. Consumer protection and privacy law: Dealing with customers
  • Chapter 12. Competition law: Dealing with other businesses
  • Chapter 13. Intellectual property law: Protecting your creation
  • Chapter 14. Managing a business 1: Start-up
  • Chapter 15. Managing a business 2: Business ownership
  • Chapter 16. Managing a business 3: Finance
  • Chapter 17. Managing a business 4: Making payments and recovering debts
  • Chapter 18. Managing a business 5: Insurance and taxes
  • Chapter 19. Managing a business 6: Employment
  • Chapter 20. Managing a business 7: Bankruptcy and liquidation

Trusted Author

Professor Nick James is the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law at Bond University. He is a former commercial lawyer, and has been a practising academic since 1996. His areas of teaching expertise include business and commercial law, law in society and legal theory, company law, the law of succession and property law. He has won numerous awards for his teaching including a National Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, and he is the author of three textbooks Business Law, Critical Legal Thinking and The New Lawyer. He has written numerous journal articles, book chapters and conference papers in the areas of legal education, critical thinking and critical legal theory. Professor James is the Director of the Centre for Professional Legal Education, Editor-in-Chief of the Legal Education Review and a member of the Executive Committee of the Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA).

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