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Higher education resources that deliver a relevant, accessible, and highly engaging learning experience tailored for students in Australia and New Zealand.

wpls efficacy research

Proven Results on Learning Outcomes

Discover how Wiley online textbooks improved the learning outcomes of nursing students from the University of Southern Queensland.

inclusive access white paper

In Pursuit of Inclusive Access

Our latest white paper explores the emerging trends in Australian higher education and why increasingly more faculties in the region are pursuing inclusive access models of providing learning resources to all students.

wiley course development


Melbourne Business School (MBS) recently engaged Wiley Australia to evolve the school’s MBA program and remain at the leading edge of providing transformative educational opportunities for high achieving, working professionals.


Prepare your classroom for tomorrow

The world as we know it is changing. Students of today are no longer limited to learning in traditional classroom environments, and the next generation will be entirely digitally native. They will expect their education to prepare them for the digital world – for their dream jobs, and for jobs that don’t yet exist.

At Wiley, our mission is to help educators teach and students learn.

Today, this means partnering with instructors and institutions to harness the power of digital technologies and resources effectively to improve student engagement and experience.

It’s what your students expect

Students are demanding that universities employ more digital tools for a more enhanced and personalised learning experience.


higher education students want their institutions to use more digital tools*


students always bring at least one digital device with them on campus*


say digital capabilities are important when deciding which institution to attend*


choose to purchase digital resources from Wiley instead of print textbooks**

* Survey of 1,500 students in Australia, India, Singapore, the UK and the US (Accenture, 2014)
** Wiley’s direct sales data in Australia and New Zealand (2017)

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